Medeama SC Appoints MR BERNARD NANA ADU GYEBI As The Club Business Development Manager-Consultant And Special Assistant To Club President (Mr Mosses Armah Packer)

During his educationally formative years back in Ghana, a young Gyebi developed a reputation as a talented and dedicated sports-obsessed person. Beyond the grassy-green rectangle, he was taken by the business side of sports and was reputedly similarly skilled in this endeavour.

Until his arrival at the club, Gyebi, based in the UK and the Founder of Linked Sports Business College, Linked Sports Foundation UK/GH, Linked Business Company Ltd UK and Ghana.
He had his basic education in Ghana and completed his Undergraduate programme at Buckinghamshire New University, a bachelor in Sports Business, Sports Retailing and Merchandising, (UCFB Wembley), and is currently pursuing his master research in Education studies at Suffolk University England.
Gyebi also holds England FA Coaching qualifications, England FA Referee license, and various qualifications in Sports; Safeguarding young athletes’ qualification, England FA Welfare qualification, England FA First Aid and Emergency qualifications, Scouting and Video Analyst qualification. He also holds qualifications and experiences in the Health Industry and security, cyber and business intelligence operation, and analysis.
Clearly ambitious, he now finds himself working for a man who shares that burning desire for glory. Moses Armah is the President of Medeama, and he is seemingly hellbent on making the Mauves and Yellow a major force both in Ghana and Africa, striving to make them the very best they can be. He has, with the help of some truly knowledgeable and intelligent people, tried to revolutionised the club off the field but …
Understanding who Bernard Nana Adu Gyebi is seems appropriate for a man who embodies swagger, coolness, class, genius, insanity, arrogance, and brilliance; a man who whittles himself into one of the game’s sharpest thinkers with a winner’s edge. The great leaders in football master the ability to teeter that fine line between genius and madness, and Gyebi takes genius and madness to another level. He is always ‘on the verge’.
Buzz words like modernization, streamlining and direction are often the antithesis of football, a game that appears to revel in being stuck in the supposedly glorious days of yesteryear. How else can you explain talk of opening a chequebook and using a fax machine every time the transfer window rolls around? The global game loves its traditions.
Yet, Armah’s Medeama remains a vision. A powerful and enticing one, but something that has yet to become a reality. He dreams of making them part of the African elite but has yet to see them become regulars in the CAF inter club competitions let alone win a trophy.
However, the new direction of Medeama SC, with financial austerity and pragmatism coupled with a youth-centric approach to the structure of first team has rekindled the passion of the Tarkwa-based fans and helped them forge an identity based on the team, which some felt was lost in the last few years.
Thus, their early form in the 2021/22 season shouldn’t be a surprise, particularly when combined with the turbulence of Gyebi’s arrival, the growing collection of resignations, and departures. It all made for a febrile environment where the discord quickly mounted for Gyebi – and allies are low in number.
He may not be to everyone’s liking, but the coming of Bernard Nana Adu Gyebi to Medeama will prove to be a more stable, intelligent and, sustainable time.