MEDi Zealot fan’s platforms brings the club fans together, this enables the club to create a connection with you, update you and control your data. This provide a complete solution for connecting the club to the communities, nurture a close relationship with the fans that matter. We believe an engaged and growing fanbase not only contributes to cashflow through subscriptions, but can help sell more sports retail and merchandising, match ticket, marketing and many more, all via the most comprehensive desktop / mobile app.

Social media reinvented for Medeama Sporting Clubs

No more advertising costs, 100% visibility Paying to access your core fanbase is a thing of the past Medeama SC. Less than one per cent of our football club audience on the bigger social media platforms see the club posts. To reach them all and have their data for the club benefit, the club have to pay. But with the MEDi Zealot customized proudly ad-free fans platform, the club can reach 100 per cent of entire fans audience every time without paying.

How we will interact with you

Admin will upload content, share thoughts, share live streaming, audio recordings, video clips, chatroom and fan wall: with full access directly to you. The platform gives you all of the best features from many of the biggest mainstream social networks. It doesn’t demand that you use it exclusively. Instead, it works in harmony with club current social networks and allows club fans to share just enough content to convert club Likes and Followers into real Fans.

Live Broadcast to the Fans makes fans feel more special than talking in real time. Our Livestream will enable Match to go live from the studio, backstage, on our platform. With full integration with RTMP video desks as well as integrations for Zoom. The platform will be set to excite Subscribed members (fans) anywhere in the world.

The video can be label, posted for fans to re-watch or catch up later on the club platform will helps the Chapter to grow (fan base) national and internationally, in ways of social networks on club unique platform.


The MyZealot-Wall home feed is the main place for club can publish new posts, while MyZealot -Wall gives the club followers the chance to publish their own. With the ability to upload photos and videos along with their text, it’s the ultimate location to share memories, ask fans questions or chat to each other.

Re-post their favourite uploads every week; run competitions and give-aways; organise regular Q&As or fans just answer questions when you feel like it: MyZealot -Wall can be used in countless ways, but all create a sense of community and belonging.

MyZealot -Wall is also ideal to re-home unofficial Facebook groups, over which the club might have little or no control. Unify the club fragmented audience in one platform.


The platform offers embedded E-ticket system, this will be embedding the listings on your website, also enable club to easily offer ticket pre-sales to MEDi Zealot

Photos & Videos

Photos, official videos, lyric animations, behind-the-scenes clips, track-by-track commentaries or anything else. Posting photos and videos to the major social platforms usually means consigning creations to the oblivion of the newsfeed. MEDi Zealot platform apps provide a beautiful archive of fans content.


Reach all MEDi Zealot fans

Time to avoid paying social media platforms to reach our own fans and their data. With our own database platform, the club can reach 100% of the fans, 100% of the time and use the data for the benefit of the club.


Notifications are the new email

As well as 100% reach within our platform, the club fans get notified of new content to keep bringing them back into it. Notifications get much higher open-rates than traditional email marketing.


Your brand, our Platform

It’s the club desktop platform and we are working on our apps, so it should look like club very own platform. Linked Business Group UK works behind the scenes to ensure your fans are happy and their data are well managed. This is opportunity for the Medeama SC to revive and gather our super fans together and give them an experience they deserve. With a direct to fan platform  for the club and take control of your super fans again.

We know probably our fans are already on Facebook and Twitter pages but how to segment our fans for the club benefits is the problem. More importantly, how can the club reach them without paying to advertise of our post to them.

All the major social networks use algorithms to limit our reach unless the club pay for advertising. We don’t think this is fair. We have changed how we work with social platforms by building private social media channels for all MEDi Zealot (Fans).

Fan subscriptions

Fan clubs are essential to building a healthy and long-standing club fan base. With our Desktop and apps, We are able to build ultimate backstage pass, offering free access to some benefits, or limiting content and early ticket access however the club wish.

Instead of making everything available to everyone, the club can make videos, audio and tickets accessible only to specific fans, for instant, Gold and Silva membership, or choose to window new releases in the app before publishing them on other platforms.

The MEDi Zealot fan community platform

Build a group fan community

Group Communities are essential to building connections with the club fans network within the group, this help create relationship with other fan direct and communicate to specific chapter fan base when they want and without paying each and every time

Just for fans

Being part of football club is more than just a ‘like’: the club fans feel special and the club players can also communicate with the fans who matter most. Time for club to find innovative means of converting our social media followers into numbers for the club benefits.